Rezső Kasztner    



                                                            Adolf Eichmann 

"There was no way out, and there was nobody else who could, would or dared do something. So I did it. ... You could say I was a hero, but I was a hero because of the circumstances." (Rezső Kasztner)


The man who describes himself in these words is Rezső Kasztner (also known as Rudolf Kasztner), a Jewish lawyer, journalist and politician born in Hungary and murdered in Israel.


I open this website with the words of Rezső Kasztner because he saved my life.


It was Rezső Kasztner who struck a deal with Adolf Eichmann which led to the release of nearly 1700 Hungarian Jews from the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen to Switzerland several months before the end of World War II.



  Ladislaus Löb, aged eleven


I was one of the 1700, saved from the Holocaust at the age of eleven. Rezső Kasztner was later accused of collaboration and assassinated before he could hear that his name had been cleared.


I grew up in Switzerland and in due course became a professor of German in England. It took me many decades to confront the decisive role of Rezső Kasztner in my life and to recognise his importance in the history of the Holocaust. When I finally did so, the result was my book Dealing with Satan: Rezső Kasztner's Daring Rescue Mission and a continuing series of invitations to lecture.










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Received the 2012 Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award